About Us

Validate Us Through Our Actions

We have enormous work rate, ethic and professionalism. We place a lot of importance in the trust given to us by our clients and have worked tirelessly to ensure that they were rewarded with high quality, reliable and consistent output and service.

We continuously position ourselves as the market leader by applying emerging trends to guide companies through their business, information & process as well as technology changes necessary to execute their strategies



SSSMINE was established as a creative and website design provider. At that point, our aim was to help move SMEs online so as to take advantage of the growing use of the Internet in daily lives


Having dabbled in web applications and custom software development for the past 2 years, SSSMINE decided to recalibrate itself to stay relevant with the changing technologies. We began forging expertise in enterprise & consumer software and web, mobile & desktop applications development


SSSMINE is now known in the market as a one-stop shop for any creative and IT related requirements. We are also the partner of choice by SI-based IT companies, SMEs and Government agencies

Why Choose Us?

we can shape your business outcomes
  • We are a one-stop shop and can faciliate anything creative or IT related
  • We have expertise in a wide range of programming languages and skill sets
  • We bridge the gap between you and IT so that technology is easier to understand and you can utilise it effortlessly
  • We are not just Geeks. We appreciate the importance of aesthetics and responsive design strategy
  • We are well versed in business strategy and can incorporate goal-driven message and call to action in your website or marketing campaign
  • We know how to leverage on technology to help you meet your KPIs
  • We continuously update ourselves with strategic foresight and emerging trends in order to stay relevant
  • We value our clients and will go above and beyond the call of duty to make them happy









Strategic purpose


To use infocomm and media to change how companies do business and deliver services


To use emerging technologies to change the way we live


To transform companies and impact lives


To provide high levels of value, commitment and reliability for strategic foresight and deep technical expertise to enable clients to maneuver the challenging global outlook

let us help you

leverage on web presence and IT

Tap on the strength of the Internet and Technology, to grow your business and improve your KPIs

  • A website will give you a virtual presence and let customers find you easily
  • Lower your fixed capital outlay by creating a virtual store to sell your products online
  • Internet has no boundaries, you can expand your customer base overnight
  • Market your products and services at a fraction of the cost of traditional medium
  • Lower your business operating cost by strategically implementing IT systems
  • Cope with the labour crunch by using technology to improve efficiency and workflows



Yes, we hear you. The economy is bad, competition is stiff and it is hard to do business these days. But you should never be caught on your back helpless. If you do not do something for your business, no one will. Improve your business conditions, lower your human capital, generate MORE SALES and get more representation in your industry. Gain your foothold and build sustainability in these challenging times